Quality Connect Was Built by Builders – For Builders.

Quality Connect was built out of a clear need for small builders who are new to home building. Working for several new infill builders over the years, it was not uncommon to be asked by the builder where to find a good electrician, or plumber or drywall contractor.

Several of the builders we came across had very little to no experience running a construction project as a general contractor. Some were real estate investors aspiring to take advantage of new zoning rules to make highly profitable infills, from single family customs to larger multifamily. Others drove a truck for Coca Cola or Fed-Ex. Some just wanted to build their own house the way they wanted it.

In many of these occurrences we acted as the project manager to help keep these projects moving forward so they would finish on time and make the builder a profit.

Knowing that there had to be more builders out there who could really benefit from having a pool of highly qualified, fully insured and vetted contractors to call on.

Designed With New Home Construction in Mind.

After doing some research to find out if a resource like this existed we didn’t find anything that allowed the builder to request and receive quotes from multiple different vendors. Or allow the builder to pick from multiple different quality vendors. There were some similar ideas but they focused on the service end of construction. Some companies offer a full range, but the majority of contractors in the new home industry specialize in new home construction and don’t want to handle small reno or service jobs.

Commercial Construction Contractors Win Too.

Quality Connect is great for commercial construction projects. The same great features that promote better organization, a simplified bidding process, and vetting of qualified sub-trades makes job costing and scheduling a breeze.

Fully Vetted and Qualified Contractors.

One of the biggest problems builders have is finding the RIGHT trade contractors to work with. Even when you find a contractor through a recommendation, do you know if they are licensed and have the proper insurance?

We check each of our contractors for:

  • WCB Number in good standing
  • Liability insurance
  • References
  • Business license
  • Years in business

Having fully licensed and insured contractors working on your project PROTECTS you from liability in the event of injury, ensures your build is up to current codes and helps with warranty and part of your new home insurance.
We provide peace of mind to the builders so they can focus on managing their project.


Quick & Easy Project Costing

Using Quality Connect you can quickly and easily get multiple bids from every trade contractor that you need for your home building project.

Getting all of your major project costs BEFORE you start building, sets you up for a successful building project. It helps you get financing from the bank or private investors and ensure you have all your trades sourced prior to construction.

Manage More Projects.

Builders have the ability to manage multiple projects using Quality Connect. Quality Connect helps you keep your builds separate so you can track progress and costs. This frees up more time to allow builders to manage more projects than before with less staff.

This feature alone will save you thousands of dollars. Organization is one of the major keys to success for a home builder, renovation contractor, or commercial contractor. Imagine managing 3 more builds this year with the same staff.


Free For Builders!

Quality Connect is free for builders to use for planning, pricing and project managing their construction project!
It is easy to get started. You can click HERE or from the home page, click on the post your project button to upload your blueprints, select the type of project, and select from hundreds of sub-trades to get bids on your project.

Get More Contracts!

By being listed on Quality Connect, you have the opportunity to bid on more construction projects. One of the most difficult challenges of being in a highly competitive construction market is finding quality jobs to bid on.

Small volume, infill and custom builders are hard to advertise to and can be difficult to find. If this is your clientele we can help you create greater exposure. Builders on quality connect place a high value on quality, so you know they are not just looking for the cheapest bid, but the best value.

Choose Who You Want to Work on Your Project.

Quality Connect will not be your cheapest upfront way to build. We will save you money on the back end and in quality. On Quality Connect you will find trade contractors that value quality and take pride in their work. We do not advertise the cheapest contractors, but what you will get is quality. Which will save you time, stress and ensure a great build.

 Your building project is only presented to the Qualified Trades on our platform. You select the building trades that you want to work with.

Not every builder wants their projects visible to the general public, or even to certain trades. Quality Connect allows the builder to select which trade contractors are invited to bid. Contractors cannot see quotes from other contractors. This helps keep the bids honest and eliminates bids and solicitation from unwanted companies.

Learn How To Build Like A Pro.

One of the most time consuming chores of becoming a builder is getting accurate quotes from reputable trade contractors. 

Fostering great relationships with quality trades is the first step to becoming a professional building contractor. Whether you are building your new home, an infill home for a customer, or a commercial project, you will find all your quality trades with Quality Connect.