Quality Connect Makes Building Better.

Quality Connect was developed to make quoting and managing construction projects easier. The biggest challenges for construction projects is staying on schedule and on budget. We have made a system that works for builders and building construction trades and suppliers.

How It Works

When starting a project, especially if you are building your own home or renovating your home, finding quality framing carpenters, concrete and cribbing contractor, electrical contractors, plumbers and other trades or suppliers is the most difficult and time consuming part of the job.

You spend countless hours on the phone and the internet to search for the tradespeople required, scheduling meetings and getting quotations. After hours of research and frustration because of no-shows you still have to check references, insurance, WCB and licensing.

The other option is asking your friends if they “know a guy”. That option has the potential to turn out very badly. If you have been in construction you have probably already experienced this or heard the horror stories of bad contractors. Not all good contractors have a web page or online presence, and not all contractors with a good web page are in turn good contractors.

New Construction or Renovation?

At Quality Connect we want to help homeowners and those interested in becoming a custom infill home builder with the tools necessary to plan, budget, and schedule a building project.

Quality Connect is for people:

  • Building a home or revenue property.
  • Renovating a home or revenue property.
  • Building or renovating their own home.
  • Building or renovating a commercial structure

How to Sign Up as a Builder.

Step One.

The first step is to click on the “Register As A Builder” button to open your Quality Connect account. Enter the information for the person you want to handle the project management and estimating for your projects and the email you want the notifications sent to. Don’t worry, there is no charge for builders or renovators.

Step Two.

You will be directed to another form so we can learn more about your project. You will see a list of  trade categories. Select all the trades categories that you are going to need on your building project.

Step Three.

Now tell us about what you are building. This is a brief description that will go out to the selected trades to help them give you an accurate quote. If you have a blueprint and engineering specifications, this is where you would attach it. If not and you are starting from scratch then give as much information as you can.

Step Four.

Once you submit your form, all of the selected trades will receive the information that you provided. Quality Connect’s qualified construction trades will contact you via email and/or phone number you provided. It’s now up to you to manage the bids, schedule site visits and sign contracts. NOTE: make sure to check your junk mail to make sure your notifications from Quality Connect are going to you.

Do You Have The Right Stuff?

We are looking for quality construction trades who want to work with quality builders. Building or renovating a home or commercial building requires many different building trades and suppliers. Our aim is to be the best resource for quality construction trades and suppliers for Canadian builders. If you think you are the best at what you do, we want to get to know you.

How Do We Select Construction Trades and Suppliers?

At Quality Connect, we want to be the go-to source for builders to find the best construction trades and construction suppliers to work with. We take the time to personally verify:

  • WCB
  • Insurance
  • Business License
  • Past projects

How to Sign up as a Construction Trade or Supplier

  1. Click on the Register As A Quality Trade  button to get started.
  2. Complete the form with your contact name, company name and all important information we need to verify your business credentials.
  3. Enter your credit card information.
  4. Please be aware that if you do not have a valid WCB or insurance and your category requires it your likelyhood of getting selected to bid on projects is very very low.
  5. Select all the trade categories that you want your business to be listed in.
  6. After your information has been personally verified your company information will be listed on our site.
  7. If your company has separate divisions, each division will require individual accounts.


How does quality connect help track your project?

We have created several practical tracking sheets that have been builder developed and tested. Our own master builder founder, Andrew Wellwood developed these systems and uses them on a daily basis to keep multiple projects organized and scheduled. We feel that the best way for you as a builder to learn how to manage a project, is by using the exact same tools that we do. Our goal is to make tracking, quoting and scheduling your project as easy as possible.

Project Management

If all of this sounds like it is going to be too much work for you to fit into your day we can help you source a qualified project manager. The project manager will be using the same trades you would, the quality vetted trades on Quality Connect.

Things To Consider Before Hiring a Project Manager

We believe transparency is the key to building a successful team and a quality project. Be sure that all quotations from building trades are submitted to you before hiring. A good project manager will help to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples and give valuable input on who to hire.

You see the quotes, sign the contract and directly pay the trades. It is a little more involvement on your side, but you get to see exactly what the cost of the project is and can change it as you go. Quality project managers should charge a flat management fee, so if you want to have custom tile from Italy installed, or find some on sale at Walmart they don’t mark it up. This way you can see what the budget is and if there is room to add granite in the bathrooms or not. Your project manager should help you every step of the way to ensure quality on the site, scheduling is on track and the budget is met.