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Thank you for reaching out to us. Quality Connect is always improving and making it easier for builders to find quality trades people for their building projects and for quality trades people to connect with quality builders.

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What Types of Builders Use Quality Connect?

The site was built with custom infill home builders in mind initially. During interactions with builders at various trade shows, we have learned that there is a need for any small to medium sized builder or renovator for the services Quality Connect provides. The builders who can benefit from the site include:

  • Infill home builders
  • Residential home builders
  • Individuals building their own home
  • Real Estate investors
  • Commercial builders
  • Commercial renovators
  • Residential renovation companies
  • Basement developers

Does Quality Connect Take a Portion of The Contracts?

No. Unlike our competitors, we only take a small monthly fee from the skilled trades who have been vetted and listed on our site. Once a builder and a trade contractor come to an agreement, all scheduling, contracts, payments and communication is between the parties.

What is The Benefit to Skilled Contractors to Join Quality Connect?

There are several benefits to a skilled contractor to sign up with us. Our builders value quality trades and are not looking for the cheapest at the expense of quality. We help connect skilled trades with builders who are actively looking for help on their building projects. Quality Connect is actively marketing the service in trade shows, content marketing, search engine optimization, online advertising, and other marketing and advertising initiatives to ensure that our skilled trade partners have the opportunity to bid on more projects and grow their businesses.

Every construction business listed with us will have a dedicated page on our site that will be completed with their company logo, description and contact information.

Why Don’t You Charge Builders to Join Quality Connect?

Unlike competitors, we are not the middle-man on the projects. This adds layers of complexity and cost that are not beneficial to the builder or trade contractor. We want our quality trades to have many construction projects to bid on. By not charging builders, we are removing any barriers for them to join.

Will Quality Connect always be free for builders?

Signing up and using the site to get all your quotes in one place will always be free. As we progress and understand what tools our builders need to manage their construction projects more efficiently, we will add functionality to Quality Connect which will be a paid upgrade or SaaS product.

What can a builder do if a particular trade is not listed on Quality Connect?

We are adding new construction trades all the time, however we don’t always have every type of trade in a geographic region. The best thing to do is reach out to us by email and let us know what you are looking for. We will actively search for that trade to join Quality Connect.

The next best option is to talk to the trades that you have hired using Quality Connect. It is very likely that you will find what you are looking for. When you find a trade that we don’t have on Quality Connect, we ask that you share Quality Connect with them!

What can I do to get more contracts through Quality Connect?

To improve your chances of getting more contracts, we recommend that your business verify with Quality Connect that they have:

  • WCB
  • Liability Insurance
  • Business license
  • References

If you are missing any of these, your business is less likely to be contacted for quotes. Once you are able to get all the necessary documentation, submit your updated information and we will gladly review it and if we are satisfied, we will make the changes to your listing on Quality Connect.

Are construction trades locked into a contract with Quality Connect?

Your business will be registered with Quality Connect for a period of one year. If you don’t want to receive emails about upcoming jobs and building packages you can send an email to and we will stop sending you building packages. You will be given a couple of reminders a month in advance to your subscription renewal. This will give you ample time to cancel your subscription for the upcoming year.

Who do I contact if I need to change my company information?

You can change or update your company information any time by using your login credentials that you used to set up your account. If you are having difficulties, contact us by email.

Is there a vetting process for home builders?

We do not have a vetting process for our home builders. It is always up to the building contractor or trades to perform their due diligence before starting work for any builder.

We recommend that a contract or agreement be signed between the two parties that specifies:

  • Project scope
  • Estimated timelines
  • Agreed upon price
  • Change order clause

By having a contract in place it protects both parties against liability and provides a legal recourse should a dispute arise. Should you begin work on a project with a builder before having a signed agreement, you are responsible as a business owner to any repercussions that may occur.

Quality Connect is not responsible or liable for any disputes that occur between builders and construction trades that engage in business. Quality Connect is a marketing service designed to simplify the process for residential builders, commercial builders, individual builders and renovators to find quality construction trades for their projects.