Welcome to the Pro Builder Tips Page!

This page is for new builders to learn from the pro builders what took them decades to learn about building. There are videos on a wide range of topics and we are always adding more. Check back here often for the latest on how to build like a pro or subscribe to the Quality Connect YouTube channel.

What is the Pro Builder Tips page all about?

Quality Connect was born out of the need for new builders to be able to find quality construction trades for their projects. Building homes or commercial projects has a lot of moving parts. Finding the right construction trades is one, but there are many topics that we cover here that span the complexities of planning, permits, inspections, managing construction sites and safety. If you are a new builder or even an experienced builder, you can learn something here.

Who are these videos for?

These videos are for educational purposes. We want to help as many builders to become better builders using the Quality Connect website. To become great, you first have to be good. To be good you first have to be bad at something. Our Pro Builder Tips videos are for anyone with a passion for building and want to become better without having to learn the hard way. These videos are also great for people who are looking to do a renovation project in their home. You can avoid a lot of the pitfalls that often happen when homeowners take on the management of a renovation project.
The best time to start watching these videos is before your first building project. The second best time to start is right now.

Why are you giving away free building information?

The best answer as to why we are making and giving away this building information is because Quality Connect wants to make a difference in the building industry. It has taken decades of working as home builders to collect this valuable knowledge. Some have been by personal experience but much of it has come through learning from great builders.
The power of technology makes sharing information easier than ever. It is our hope that you learn something that makes your building projects successful.

Will I become a builder with the information in these videos?

Just like reading a book on brain surgery doesn’t make you a brain surgeon, these videos don’t give you the hands on experience of building a home or commercial project. Quality Connect’s videos highlight the nuances of building that many new builders don’t consider when they start. Subjects like budgeting, checklists, how to hire and how to fire contractors are just some of the things discussed. You may not become a master builder by consuming our content videos, but you will learn how to become a better builder.

Can construction trades people learn anything from the videos?

Absolutely! Many of the topics in our videos discuss the selection process that builders should use to screen building trades. As a building contractor, you will learn how to be the preferred contractor that builders will be clamouring to work with. Reputation is everything in construction. Wouldn’t you like to know what the professional builders are looking for when hiring construction trades for their jobs? You can definitely learn something valuable from the Pro Builder Tips videos.

I already use Quality Connect. Can I benefit from these videos?

Yes you can! Quality Connect is an amazing tool that helps you to easily post your job and get multiple quotations from qualified building trades. This allows you to set up a clear budget before your building project starts and begin scheduling your building project. The tips provided will help fill in the gaps on things like permits and inspections in addition to project management.

I don’t have time to watch these videos. How can I absorb this information?

We all have 168 hours every week to do all the things we endeavour to do. This includes spending time with friends and family, eating, sleeping and getting our jobs done. There are times in the day that we can do more than one thing at a time. Listening to the Pro Building Tips videos while driving or on coffee breaks or lunch breaks, will give you plenty of time to learn something new. The videos are all between ten and fifteen minutes and lend themselves well to your scheduled break times.

Why are your videos not fancy and polished?

Quality Connect is not attempting to create award winning videos. We are trying to help builders with their building projects. Our goal in these videos is to provide valuable and plentiful information to help you. We are also busy builders and our time is better spent building quality homes, performing project management services and improving the Quality Connect website. The other reason is that studies have shown that people relate better to videos that aren’t perfect and polished. We are real people, not actors.

Do you take requests?

We do our best to stay up to date with the latest building and construction information for builders. Some of our videos just touch on certain subjects and others go a bit deeper into relevant topics. If you have some questions about building projects we would like to hear from you. A lot of our topics are repeated because we feel they are quite important and by being somewhat repetitive, we hope to highlight the importance of the topic.
If you have comments or questions or if you have a burning topic that you would like to learn more about, please send us an email at info@qualityconnect.ca.

Are you looking for guests on your videos?

We would be glad to have other guests on our videos. Regardless if you are a new builder or an experienced pro, we would like to have a chat with you. Andrew is a great builder, but he doesn’t know everything. The opportunity to learn from other builders is always welcome. We can shoot the video in our offices or on site.