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Our Mission

At Quality Connect we connect quality builders with qualified trades to streamline the construction process.

We strive to promote integrity in the home building industry by uniting all the quality trades in one place. To give builders that value quality and integrity the ability to have their houses quoted and built quickly and correctly. Trades get connected with builders in one location to find their next job in an easy to use format.

We provide the system that streamlines construction projects while promoting quality.

Quality Trades

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Vision: To be the #1 construction management resource for Canadian builders and construction trades.

We strive to promote integrity in the home building industry by uniting all the quality trades in one place. To give builders that value quality and integrity the ability to have their houses quoted and built quickly and correctly. Trades get connected with builders in one location to find their next job in an easy to use format.

Our Values

Integrity and responsibility are the values we built Quality Connect around.
We believe integrity is the cornerstone of a great person, company and organization. It is the first thing we look for with companies and individuals we work with. Responsibility is a close second. We operate by the quote I heard “Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you like it or not.”

  • Accountability for your work.
  • Reliability is key.
  • Do what you should do, whether you like it or not.
  • Follow through on what you said you would do.
  • Lead by example.
  • Understand not everyone has your level of knowledge and work with them.
  • Strive to do better, but understand it’s how you deal with the problem that matters most.
  • Help people succeed in order to succeed yourself.
  • Enjoy your accomplishments and strive to do better on the next job.
  • Pay attention to the needs and vision of the client.
  • Everyone has knowledge and skills you don’t. Learn something from everyone you work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Is Quality Connect good for my small jobs around the house?
    • No. We specialize in helping new home builders connect with the trades they need. Our trades are on this site because they work in new home construction and some may not be set up for small renovation jobs. If you want to contact them off site to find out if they are willing to do small jobs you can
  • I am building my first house, is this good for me?
    • Yes, this is perfect for you and free. We help you get all the quality trades you need without having to randomly select companies you don’t know.
  • What type of builders are on this site?
    • We tailor to first time builders up to medium volume builders. We take the place of the estimator and some of the project management duties to free up more time for the builders.
  • Do I have to use only Quality Connect trades?
    • No, If you have a good trade that you work with or you are a builder that is also a good trade then when you are selecting the trades you need just deselect that category.  All we ask is that you send an invitation to your trade to introduce them to Quality Connect so they can grow their business.
  • When I award a job, does that work as a contract?
    • No, we strongly recommend getting a descriptive contract between builder and trade. A good contract should have a job site address, both parties names, a detailed description of the work being done, payment terms and a warranty. Quality Connect strongly recommends getting a lawyer to look over any contract if you are unsure.
  • What type of warranty or guarantee does Quality Connect offer?
    • Quality Connect does not guarantee the work done by the trades. We do what we can to check out the trades, but are not responsible for their work. We are also not responsible for any payment from the builders. Builders are encouraged to do their own background and reference checks on the trades. We check our trades out upon sign up and randomly check for compliance. We rely on builder’s reviews to keep up to date on how our trades are doing. 
  • I don’t know if my project is large enough to qualify and I’m not sure of the trades I will need.
    • If you are going to require more than one trade on your project then you should use Quality Connect. The best way to start is to post your project and go through and select all the trades you think you will need. If you select one that is not required they will let you know. If you miss one a trade will more than likely ask if you have that area covered. Most of our trades have different divisions in their companies and work with other trade contractors.  For example if you aren’t sure if you need an HVAC company and only select plumber and electrician, one of them will ask who is doing your HVAC? And if you say you didn’t know about that they will walk you thru and help you out. (That’s what reputable contractors do)


Our Story

The motivation behind starting our own company came from years of working next to trades that did not perform exemplary work. We found that they would cut corners and take advantage of first-time, and small home builders. This went against our personal values and slowly ate away at us. Watching trades come back after city inspections to change their work was an infuriatingly common occurrence. We came across substandard work way too often.

Electrical wires being taped together with hidden junction boxes, insulation removed to accommodate a shower shelf in an exterior wall, are just a small example of what we saw.

The final straw, though, came in 2015 when the building industry was slow.
Our framing company was hired by another framing company that was hired by another framing company that had partnered with a small builder, to build a basic 2000 square foot front attached house. We agreed on 2 weeks to frame the house.

We met the site supervisor who was the original framing carpenter on the second day mid-morning. It was not a pleasant meeting. He acted in a very unprofessional and careless manner and proceeded to fire our company without due cause.

We were hired back within two hours after the two framing companies discussed the matter. As agreed in our timeline my company took the weekend off and returned to the site the following Monday only to be fired again for our supposed “poor integrity”.

This rollercoaster of a job continued as we were “hired” back within another two hours. Regardless of this debacle our company finished the job within the agreed-upon time frame.

We thought that was the end of this story. We were wrong.

The final frame walk thru was eventful, to say the least, and after a heating inspection we were called back to cut newly marked heat holes. We refused to do this work. The HVAC company had convinced the builder to run the heat runs in the exterior wall next to the water lines to eliminate bulkheads.
To do this safely you need to remove the insulation in the exterior wall. In the city of Edmonton, this is not an ideal way to build a house that can withstand the rigor of a -30 winter, or keep the water lines from rupturing.

We were of course fired again after refusing to cut these.
This was the only time we have ever been kicked off a site in over 10 years. To have it done by an incompetent, unprofessional site supervisor that between him, the plumber and the HVAC company took advantage of a small builder was the motivation for starting Quality Connect.

Quality Connect believes that a person, and by extension their company, should live up to their word. Back in the day if your Grandpa was in the trades he would have been considered a hard-working trustworthy man. Never in question as to his integrity. Someone who would come back if there was an issue. We want to bring that reputation back to the home building industry.